cnPilot™ Home & Small Business

cnPilot™ Home & Small Business is a suite of 802.11ac and 802.11n wireless home network access points that works with cnMaestro to provide end-to-end network lifecycle administration. cnMaestro facilitates cnPilot’s deployment by handling network planning, inventory management, device onboarding, daily operation, and maintenance.




Product Description

Simplifying the network

Extending the service provider’s indoor reach and streamlining components for a simplified indoor network, cnPilot™ R200 and R201 integrate the 802.11ac or 802.11n routers with an ATA to connect telephone, fax, and Cambium’s PoE, enabling the PMP 450 and ePMP™ subscriber modules. With remote end-to-end network visibility, troubleshooting is simple.

Connected Home & Small Business


Highly Integrated Router

Simplify networking with one box for common functions.

End-to-End Troubleshooting

Single dashboard view and rich stats ensure rapid root cause detection and issue resolution

Multiple SSIDs and Service Provider SSIDs

Offer SSIDs across the network – from home to work to public locations – to enable community access.

cnMaestro Cloud Management

End-to-end home network lifecycle management for inventory management, onboarding devices, daily operations, and maintenance.

PoE out Port

Connect to Cambium PMP 450 and ePMP™ subscriber modules


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