SIPPBX 6200S and 6200GS

SIP based IP-PBX and built-in E1 Trunk gateway

  • Standard SIP RFC 3261 compliance IP-PBX
  • IPv6/IPv4 Dual Stack
  • Support NAT voice and video calls between WAN and LAN
  • Support HA Redundant real-time backup without dropping calls
  • Rich Telephony PBX Features
  • Support Auto-Attendant and Voice Mail
  • Toll Restriction
  • Incoming FAX to Email address with PDF file
  • Real Time CDR for external billing purpose
  • SIPPBX 6200GS has optioin to built-in E1 Trunk line

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Product Description

SIPPBX 6200x is a series of SIP based IP-PBX which are SIPPBX 
6200S and 6200GS. They support different maximum
extensions based on different hardware platform. It was built-in 
standard and high efficient SIP Stack and is compatible with SIP 
IP Phone and gateway. It is reliable and user friendly to use as 
regular IP Telephony Service device. SIPPBX 6200x is ready to 
provide office telephony service. Simply use Web Browser to 
Login SIPPBX 6200x and enable your desire features and
functions by following Wizard guide and it is ready to use

Typical IP-PBX application

The following block diagram illustrates most frequent used application in office IP
Telephony PBX. It includes SIPPBX 6200X server, IP Phone as extension, FXO
gateway connect between PSTN call and IP Phone. In typical application, office has
local Ethernet connection (for instance, behind router with private IP) and connect to
LAN port of SIPPBX 6200S or 6200GS. However, WAN port was connected with
the Internet static IP address. SIPPBX 6200x routes calls automatically between WAN
and LAN with NAT Traversal technology. Other IP Phone and Gateway which were
installed behind another router at remote location can register to WAN port IP address
of this SIPPBX 6200x. According to this call scenario, each extension can call each
other no matter where they are.

• Interface:
◦ Ethernet ports (RJ-45, 10/100/1000 Base-T)
▪ 1-WAN port, for connecting to Internet
▪ 1-LAN port for connecting to Private Network
◦ AC power Line input outlet
• IP Protocol:
◦ SIP RFC 3261 Compliance with high efficient stack
◦ Support IPv4 (RFC791) and IPv6 dual mode
◦ LAN port: Support Fixed IP with VLAN
◦ WAN port: Fixed IP address
• Auto Attendant(AA):
◦ Web-Base Auto Attendant Flow Editor
◦ Scheduled Special Announcement
◦ Holidays and Working Time Support
• IVR:
◦ Web-Base Service Setting Flow Editor
◦ Multiple Language Support
◦ Native TTS (Chinese & English & Japanese) Support
◦ Access Key Setting Result Announcement
◦ Support diverse Branch offices Greeting
◦ Build System Prompt(Greeting) file via extension Phone set
• Voice Mail:
◦ Web-Base Voice Mail Flow Editor
◦ Personal Greeting
◦ Multiple Language Support (Chinese & English & Japanese)
◦ Text To Speech (TTS) (Chinese & English & Japanese) Support
◦ Message Waiting Indication (MWI)
◦ Email Notify
◦ Web Retrieve
◦ Phone Retrieve
• Conference Bridge:
◦ Support RFC 4579 (without XML)
◦ Ad-Hoc Conference
◦ Virtual Conference (Meeting Me)
◦ Virtual Conference (Ad-hoc)
◦ Event Tone Notice
◦ Up-to 8 parties in one room
◦ Programmable Conference bill charge to host
• Enhanced Service:
◦ System Announcement Service
◦ Company-wide Coloring Ring Back Tone Service
◦ Provided Server Hold Tone
◦ Transit Call charge to Initiator
• FAX Service:
◦ Support T.38/UDPTL/ECM
◦ Support Personal/Common Fax Account
◦ PDF Format Storage and Retrieve through Web
◦ FAX to Email Notice
• Telephony PBX features:
◦ Call Transfer
◦ Call Forward
◦ Call Forwarded Notice
◦ Call Screening (Call Restriction)
◦ Caller ID Privacy
◦ Call Waiting
◦ Call Hold
◦ Call Pickup (Global, Group)
◦ Multiple Language Support
◦ Support Branch Office
◦ Support Transit Call (PSTN incoming call transit to another PSTN call)
◦ Service Setting IVR guidance.
◦ Service Setting Announcement service.
◦ Support Personal Greeting Recording through Telephone Set for Multilingual.
◦ Specified Call Pickup
◦ Find Me
◦ Short Code Dialing
◦ Do Not Disturb (DND)
◦ Missed Call Notify by Email
◦ ANI Replacement (Calling Number)
◦ Call Return
◦ Hide ANI/Show ANI Selection
◦ Call Park/Retrieve
◦ Call Camp on
◦ Display Name Replacement
◦ PSTN Number (Caller ID number replacement)
◦ Ring PSTN & IP Device Simultaneously
◦ Broadcasting Service
◦ Wake-Up Call
◦ Reject Anonymous Call
◦ Busy Lamp Filed (RFC 4235)

Toll Restriction:
• Support Allow/Disallow/Allow in Duration Call Restriction
• Support Restriction Engaged Time (per 30 minutes)
• Provided Office/Extension Level Toll Restriction Service
• Call Restriction (Black/White List, Talk time, personnel base and flexible time)
Audio/Video Codecs:
• G.711 A-law and μ-law
• G.729A
• G.723
• GSM 6.10 (full rate)
• H.263/H.264 Video Codec Pass-Thru
• MPEG4 Pass-Thru
• Subscribers install behind NAT support.
• Subscribers NAT Traversal
• Two units Redundant hot swap support
• Voice calls recording with external IP Recorder 5600
• Work as RADIUS Server with AAA protocol
• One extension number can be used for 3 IP devices.
• Store CDR inside or send to external SYSLOG Server
• Built-in CDR Report
• Support VLAN and QoS (SIPPBX 6200S and 6200GS only)
• Webpage configuration wizard to reduce difficulty to start
• Multiple Language Support (English and Chinese)
• Management: Web Browser Management
• HTTP Firmware Upgrade
• Export/Import Configuration
• NTP time setting with time zone
• SMTP Server and Email address setting
• HTTP access to WAN port number and enable/disable
• Telnet access to WAN port number and enable/disable
• Ping WAN port enable/disable
• Web Browser Firmware Upload
• Web Browser Hold Tone, Ring Back Tone Upload
• Configuration Backup/Restore
• Import Setting: Configuration, IVR Package, IVR WAV File
• Export Setting: Configuration and IVR Package
• Web Browser RESET to Default
• Web Browser Reboot System
• Web Browser POWER OFF System remotely
• Display System Firmware and Library information
• Subscribers Status Display
• On-Line Call Monitor
• Operating Temp. & Humidity
◦ Temp.: 0°C~45°C (32°F~113°F)
◦ Humidity: 10%~90% relative humidity, non-condensing
• AC Power Line: AC100V~240V, 50/60Hz
• CE, FCC, LVD and RoHS

System Capacity of each model.

Model Name 6200S 6200GS
Max Subscriber 200 1200
Max concurrent Call 100 600
Max RTP Resources 60 250
DSP channels 24 120
FAX channels 4 16
Dimension Without packing 42.8 x 25 x 6.5 CM
42.8 x 25 x 4.5 CM
Weight With packing 5.9kg 12.5Kg
Dimension With packing 55 x 37.5 x 17.5 CM 61.5 x 60 x 20 CM
Power Consumption 250 Watts 150 watts