M4 4-SIM GSM SIP IP Gateway

WellGate M4 is an 4-SIM GoIP GSM SIP gateway which allows to connect 4 Lines of GSM to connect with GSM BTS (base station). This device is suitable for office IP-PBX application at office to office or office to branch office to call between PSTN Line and IP Call. Or, connect to IP Telephony SIP Service provider from/to GSM mobile network.

  • GSM over SIP VoIP Gateway
  • Flexible Routes Plan, Dial Plan, Digit Manipulation
  • Support up to 4 SIP Trunk
  • Support different SIP Trunk to each GSM line
  • Auto HTTP Provision feature
  • Dual IP Stack : IPv6 and IPv4 Simultaneously

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Product Description


  • Interface:
    • Ethernet port (RJ-45, 10/100 base-T)
    • 1-WAN port, connect to IP Network
    • 1-LAN port connect to local network
    • Support Bridge, NAT and management mode
    • Telephony port connect to local GSM lines (4-SIM cards)
    • DC +12V power input Jack
    • LED Indicator for WAN/LAN, System and GSM, SIM card status
  • IP Network connection
    • IPv4 (RFC 791) and IPv6 Simultaneously
    • IPv6 Auto Configuration (RFC 4862)
    • IPv6 Only, IPv4 Only or dual stack
    • MAC Address (IEEE 802.3)
    • MAC Clone Setting
    • Vendor Class ID
    • Static IP
    • DHCP Client (RFC 2131) for WAN port
    • DHCP client IP range configure
    • DHCP Server for LAN port
    • NAT Server (RFC 1631)
    • PPPoE Client
    • DDNS ( DynDNS )
    • DNS Client
    • Firewall
    • URL Filter
    • IP Filter
    • MAC Address Filter
    • Application program Filter
    • Port Filter
    • Port Forwarding (TCP, UDP or both)
    • Bandwidth Control (Download and Upload), Maximum Bandwidth
      priority setting
    • UPnP Server at LAN port
    • Behind NAT, use DMZ for NAT traversal
    • NTP with time zone (GMT) and Daylight Saving
    • TCP/UDP (RFC 793/768)
    • RTP/RTCP (RFC 1889/1890)
    • IPV4 ICMP (RFC 792),
    • TFTP Client
    • VoIP VLAN Support 802.1Q, 802.1P
    • VLAN ID Range : 2 to 4094
    • VLAN Priority : 0 to 7 (Highest Priority)
    • QoS : DiffServ (RFC 2475), TOS (RFC791, 1394)
  • SIP Protocol :
    • RFC3261 compliance
    • SIP UDP Protocol
    • Support SIP compact Form
    • Support SIP HOLD Type: Send Only, or Inactive
    • SIP Session Timer (RFC 4028) configure
    • Configure SIP local Port to avoid from hacking
    • Accept Proxy Only: YES(avoid hacking) or NO (P2P call)
    • SIP QoS Type: DiffServ or TOS
    • SIP T1, T2, and T3 time configure in msec configure
    • Invite Linger Timer (msec) configure
    • General Linger Timer (msec) configure
    • Cancel General No Response Timer(msec) configure
    • General Request Timeout Timer(msec) configure
    • Cancel Invite No Response Timer(msec) configure
    • Provisional Timer(msec) configure
    • First Response Timer (msec) configure
    • Line Congestion code configure
    • SIP Session Refresher: UAC or UAS
    • SIP Encryption
    • MD5 Digest Authentication (RFC2069/RFC2617)RFC3261 compliance
    • PRACK (RFC3262): Supported or Require
  • SIP Trunk :
    • Provide 4 SIP Trunks to register to remote devices
    • SIP Trunk register Type: Register or Predefine
    • Register Domain name or IP address.
    • Proxy Server and Outbound proxy server IP address configure
    • Proxy Server and Outbound proxy server port number configure
    • Register Expired time configure
    • Register TEL Number, User ID, Password and display name
    • Reject Anonymous Call from SIP Trunk
    • Outgoing Caller ID: Display Name and User ID
    • Keep Alive disable or enable (Time configure in second)
  • Audio Codec :
    • G.711 A-law/μ-law, G.729A, GSMFR, G.723.1(6.3K, 5.3K)
    • Select voice codec priority: According to Local or Remote
    • Voice Payload size (ms) configuration
    • Silence Suppression
    • VAD/CNG
    • RTP Basic Port configuration
    • RTP QoS Type : DiffServ or TOS
    • DTMF Relay: In-band, RFC2833/Fall back to SIP INFO, SIP INFO,
    • RFC2833/Fall back to In-Band
    • Packet Loss Compensation
    • Automatic Gain Control
    • Adaptive/Configurable Jitter Buffer
    • G.168 Acoustic Echo Cancellation
    • Configure RTP basic Port
    • Phone Book (100 records) for P2P calls
    • Dialing Plan with drop, replace, Insert dialing digits
    • Support Specified Line Calling.
  • Call Features :
    • 4-GSM ports connect to GSM BTS simultaneously
    • Caller ID recognition
    • Tone Generation: Ring Back, Dial, Busy, call waiting, ROH,
      Warning, Holding, Stutter dial tone and disconnect tone
    • Configure Tone Frequency, Cadence, Level and Cycle
    • Select Tone specification by Country name List
    • Global Country Based Tone Specification
    • Voice NAT Traversal:
      STUN(Type 1,2),
      STUN (All), enter STUN Server IP address
    • Behind NAT (enter IP sharing address)
    • Out-Band DTMF : RFC2833 and SIP Info
    • RFC2833 Payload type: disable, 101 or 96
    • DTMF send out ON and OFF Time configure
    • DTMF Detect Minimum ON Time(msec) configure
    • DTMF Detect Minimum OFF Time(msec) configure
    • DTMF Relay Volume configuration
    • Minimum Jitter Buffer(msec) configure
    • Maximum Jitter Buffer(msec) configure
    • Max Echo Tail Length (G.168): 32, 64 and 128ms
    • Keep Alive disable or enable (Time configure in second)
    • Jitter Optimizer Factor configure
    • Call Hold
    • Call Transfer
  • GSM Ports Interface: :
    • Activate or deactivate
    • GSM Phone number configuration
    • GSM Call services: Dial, Answer and Hang up.
    • Audio Control: Echo Suppression, Noise Suppression,
      Side Tone and Gain Control.
    • GSM Quad Bands 850/900/1800/1900 MHz,
    • Operate on any GSM network to provide voice calls over IP
    • Offer 4 SIM cards Connection
    • Attachable External Antenna:
      Impedance: 50 ohms
      Antenna Gain:  0.025dBi at 900Mhz,
      2.478dBi at 1800Mhz.
      Tx Power:        2 Watts at 850/900 MHz
      1 Watt at 1800/1900 MHz
      Rx Sensitivity: -108dBm at 850/900 MHz
      -107dBm at 1800/1900 MHz
    • Play voice file to GSM incoming call
    • Repeat playing voice file counts to caller at GSM
      Self-recorded voice files to upload
    • Input(Encode) and Output(Decode) Gain configure in dB
    • Enter PIN Code of GSM SIM card
    • Enter PUK code to Unlock GSM SIM card.
    • Limit accumulated GSM outgoing call times
      (Call Time Quota in seconds)
    • Display accumulated GSM outgoing call times up to now
      (Total Cal Time in seconds)
    • Clear accumulated GSM outgoing call times
    • Reset each GSM Module to activate GSM Line
    • Incoming call HOT Line to desired SIP Trunk number
      Or 2-Stage dial to play greeting file.
  • Routing Plan:
    • Configure incoming Type: from GSM or VOIP(SIP Trunk)
    • GSM Default Route
    • VOIP Default Route
    • Matched Incoming Prefix code
    • Define matched individual GSM Line incoming List
    • Match Incoming digit length
    • Configure incoming GSM/VOIP to outgoing VOIP/GSM
    • Define not answer incoming call timeout in second
      Primary Route:
      Outgoing routing Type: GSM or VOIP
      Hunting Type(select one GSM line or Trunk ID to call):
      Priority, Cyclic or Simultaneously
      Routing List to show available GSM Line or SIP Trunk
      Hunting Cycle: to choose 1, 2 or 3 cycles
      DM Group: select which DM group to dial out
      Backup Route:
      Backup route plan once Primary Route failed.
      Activate or Inactivate backup Route plan
      Provide same feature as Primary route
  • Dial Plans:
    • Select Inter digit timeout duration ((default: 5 sec)
    • Start dialing by End of Digit key (default: # key)
    • Waiting time out of first digit to dial
    • Matched prefix code and max digits length to dial immediately
    • Phone Book (Max 100 records limitation)
    • Phone Book can be Exported or Imported
    • Phone Book used to make P2P call
  • Digit Manipulation (Drop and Replace Rule) :
    • GSM incoming call DM Group
    • VoIP SIP Trunk incoming call DM Group
    • Backup four DM group configuration:
      DM 1 Group
      DM 2 Group
      DM 3 Group
      DM 4 Group
    • Matched Prefix
    • Matched digit length
    • Replace from digit start position until stop digit position
    • Replace number to configure
    • Tone Generation: Ring Back, Dial, Busy, call waiting, ROH,
      WAN/LAN, IPv6 IP address, and Firmware version.
    • Line Status: GSM call status, Not connected reason, RSSI GSM
      signal strength, IMEI number (GSM module),
      IMSI(SIM card number) and Remaining call time.
    • SIP Trunk Status: Account number, register status and concurrent
      calls number
    • Refresh status interval time.
    • Maintenance: Backup configuration, Restore configuration, Restore
      Auto provision file, Reset to default, Warm reset and Reboot.
    • Firmware update from Webpage.
    • Administrative Telnet, HTTP, and HTTPS
    • Telnet/HTTPS Service Access limitation from WAN port
    • Configure Service ports at HTTP, HTTPS and Telnet Services
    • Enable or Disable HTTP/HTTPS access service
    • HTTP auto provision through MAC address
    • HTTP Server IP/DNS address, ID/password and refresh interval
    • Multilingual Web User Interface
    • 3 Levels of User Access Authority with Password protection at
      different Web Language (Administrator, Supervisor and User)
    • Phone Debug Manager: Device Control, Call Control, DB, Verbose
    • SIP Debug Manager: Register, Call, SIP Message, Others
    • SNTP Debug Module
    • Device Debug Module
    • DSP Debug
    • Provide 8 Debug Levels:
    • Provides debug Syslog from desire date/time period
    • Syslog send to external SYSLOG Server and port
    • Event notice from Syslog Server and port number configure
    • Status display: Network, Line, SIP Trunk status
    • Diagnostics (debug through Syslog Event Notice)
    • Debug in real time by Telnet
    • SNMP agent V2/Trap
    • Configuration Backup/Restore
    • Dual Firmware Image Backup
  • Environmental :
    • Physical Dimension: 19-inch chassis, 1U high, 11 CM depth
    • Weight:  2.1kg (One unit with packing)
    • Operating Temp. & Humidity
      • Temp.: 0°C~45°C (32°F~113°F)
      • Humidity: 10%~90% relative humidity, non-condensing
    • Power Adaptor:
      • INPUT: AC100V~240V, 50/60Hz
      • OUTPUT: DC 12V, 3A
      • Maximum Power Consumption: 15 Watts (1.3A at 12Vdc)