LP-399 IP Phone

LP-399S is a SIP IP feature phone which work on both IPv6 and IPv4 IP network address simultaneously. It supports up-to 3 register accounts and each account can be configured to access IPv4 or IPv6 network SIP Server freely. It makes migration from IPv4 to IPv6 network smoothly.

  • Message light indication (Ring, DND, No Answer call, voice mail)
  • LCD: 2 x 16 digits display
  • IPV6 and IPv4 Dual Stack simultaneously (LP-399S Only) .
  • 3 Lines Register to three SIP Servers
  • Rich Telephony Features
  • Intelligent Phone Book Name Dialing
  • Auto Provision
  • Color : Black

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Product Description

IPv6 SIP IP Phone is ready to Market

IPv6 address was developed for years, however, it was not practical to our life up to date. More and more electronic devices are able to link to IP Network, this makes existing IPv4 address supply in shortage to global market. Meanwhile, the emerging countries are not able to increase IPv4 address supply due to strong market demand on broadband services. LP-399S is an SIP based IP Phone which built-in both IPv6 and IPv4 IP address. No matter when you are ready to deploy IPv6 network, or reserve the future expansion to IPv6 from existing IPv4 address, LP-399S is ready to go. Both IPv6 and IPv4 address are working simultaneously at Voice IP Call. Its flexibility of both IPv6 and IPv4 accept and interwork both addresses on today and tomorrow when you need.


To select freely up to 3 SIP service Accounts

LP-399/S is appropriate to use for VoIP Service Providers, IP Centrex service and IP-PBX within offices and remote branch offices. Up to 3 SIP Server ( or ITSP Service provider or alternative IP-PBX ) can be configured at LP-399/S simultaneously no matter where they are seated at IPv6 or IPv4 network address.


Rich Telephony Features

LP-399/S is compatible with Name Brand IPv4 and IPv6 SIP server or IP-PBX server with a variety of telephony features which are similar to legend digital PBX features and operational behaviors. It provides flexible talking facility to switch among them such as Handset and Full-Duplex Hand free Phone for heavy phone call users. The phone book name list can be searched intelligently.


Management IP Phone is easier than before

LP-399/S support HTTP provision feature via MAC address. An unique MAC address profile at each IP phone was configured before installation. Those MAC addresses profile were created at HTTP server. It allows system manager to change each IP Phone configuration and firmware upgrade remotely. Its Web page support built-in Log Messages to show current connection status with the other end or register to SIP Server or IP-PBX or call to other end fail reasons without installation external Log Messages capture program.

Navigation Keys

LP-399/S provides Navigation Key (Up, Down, Left, Right) to Configure/View from LCD display along with OK (confirm change) and C (cancel and go back to previous page).