Updated 3D GENUINE Icom Label

The hologram label which guarantees the made-in-Japan genuine Icom product has been changed.

New label

The Icom logo turns, and the four corners are colored in orange when you change the horizontal viewing angle.

How to distinguish genuine Icom radios from counterfeit (fake) radios

The “3D GENUINE Icom label” is attached to these models: IC-V80/E, IC-U80L, IC-V88,IC-U88, IC-G88, IC-80FX, IC-2300H, IC-2730H, IC-F1000, IC-F2000, IC-M25, IC-M25EURO, IC-M200, IC-M330, IC-718 and more. This label enables you to distinguish genuine Icom products from counterfeit products. If the label is not attached to the product, or the image does not change, the product is probably counterfeit. You should not buy it, or you should exchange it for a radio with the proper label.

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